Welcome to desimage, the creative imagery of Des Gould.
A picture, they say,paints a 1000 words. They are wrong.Images have unlimited ability to convey ideas, complex concepts, messages and emotions. Des is a Visual Essayist who concentrates essences into images. Just take a look at the messages in his 'Unsustainable Cities?' selection. This project, supported by Arts Council England, is self initiated.He has however worked with UCL to create images for the world's first major conference on Urban Resilience'. He also completed a project for Earthwatch about research in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

Des's deliberate move away from the written essay, to the visual offers immediacy of message and is in line with the fast pace of commerce and social media. And images need no translation.Making an impression is about making a visual impression.

Being in the Landscape, capturing the light, and portraying the diversity is what I love to do. A great image is the coming together of a set of patterns and relationships, of subject, light, and photographer that often lasts for less than a second. Time freezes. Forever. If it all works, we have ART, no less important, or less valuable than painting or sculpture. I work wherever this alchemy occurs, but I have a particular fondness for the wild places.
It is hard not to see and feel the effects of our warming planet everywhere. So, recently a documentary element has appeared in some of my images, especially those in the Sustainability and Chernobyl portfolios.

I now make my own prints, up to A2,in order to keep full control of the creative process.Larger Prints are made by an experienced 'art house' print company. I use fine art paper, Hahnemuhle photo rag 310gsm. This breathes life and exceptional tonal qualities to the image.

The latest images can now be offered at A1 size, given the addition of a Canon EOS 6D.